Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I had a post ready to go (a REALLY long one) ....and then accidentally deleted it. So, no post tonight. I'll tell you about Rosa's Tacos tomorrow. And meeping. And Tyler wanting to move to Sudan...................Sudan, AFRICA.

Night night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School Picnic

Tonight was the official Willow Bend Elem BOY (teacher term...learn it) picnic. I learned an important lesson that would have helped me out a lot last year as 'social person'. When you are new to a group/school/organization and you walk into a room full of people who know each other and you know NO ONE, it's way awkward. I hate being the new person. More importantly, I hate not knowing people. I immediately find the principal and she gives us the low down. Tyler and I are on our way to the dessert table to drop off the burnt cookies I had made. As I'm putting the cookies down, the superintendent, Dr. Vroonland, wants to shake my hand. So I half drop the cookies and half reach for his hand. He says, "Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to all the teachers." I say, "We've met". He says, "Liz from...Round Rock." I say "Wow, you remembered" He introduces himself to Tyler and asks, "What brings you to Lubbock?" Tyler proudly announces that he is going to med school. Dr. V says..."That's right, you went to UT". We are interrupted...the principal is making opening announcements, we bow our heads in prayer for the meal, yatta yatta. Prayer is over...the super says, "So it must be nice coming into an already exemplary campus." I say "Meh, I came from one too." Haha, not really. But I wanted to say that. I like that Dr. V is present and wants to get to know the teachers he works with. I'm sure he had much more important things to be doing. Mr. Feluchi was there too, maybe DR. Feluchi, IDK. He's the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Oh, the more understanding of those who are new to a group of people. Make them feel welcomed and important, not like they are the step-child joining an already close family.

The faculty a WB (Willow Bend) have been awesome so far. I don't feel like a step-child to most of the people. There were a couple where I was like..."Hi! I'm Liz, the new first grade teacher." And they could care less. Most were like, "Welcome! We are so happy to have you."

They have social committee too!!!! You know what my next plan is! Yep, joining the committee and introducing them to....the dice game. The BOY picnic will never be the same.

Oh, did you see the part up there about the prayer part before the meal. I love that people pray before meals here. They did it at the new hire luncheon too. I REALLY love Austin, but I REALLY love that up here, church and prayer is still a part of......public life. You meet someone and where they go to church is a part of their introduction. Well, okay, maybe after a couple minutes of conversation. Now, I get that just because people GO to church doesn't mean a whole lot...but those of you from the bible belt know what I mean. It's not the church part per say, it's goes back to values. Tradition. It's refreshing.

Anyway, I'm off my soap box. The picnic was a success. Except the part where Tyler gave me a fat lip in front of everyone while ripping the label off a water bottle. Fine, add to the herps look I've got going on lately.

ANOTHER training tomorrow. I've unpacked all my boxes (at home and at school). This show is on the road.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Oh! I can make lemonade! I was know...well, my friend was about to be in town and it made me really grumpy. I'll be good in 5 to 7 days. : )

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today I realized I'm not the type to make Lemonade out of Lemons. I pretty much like to wine and cry about it until the crying is done and I get over it. That's not a good thing.

How can I make Lemonade out of NOT having a window in my classroom? Take Vitamin D supplements? I know...I minor issue in the grand scheme of things. I get seasonal depression in the winter because it's so cold and dreary. I think seasonal depression will become 'year-round' depression.

On a side note, there was a dead bird in my yard welcoming me home this evening.

I sense a panic attack coming on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In case you are interested in what's going on with me : )

I'm not much of a writer, but this helps with the transitioning and keeping up with friends and family.

Things that have happened since I left Austin...Some of these things were a lot more exciting as they were happening, but in biggie. I miss yall!

Driving 1500 miles in a week between Austin, Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, and Lubbock and back again.

Getting lost in Seymore TX on my way to Lubbock for an interview! Instead of being 2 hours early I was one minute late. It's okay though...I got the job anyway!

Freaking out about the ugly house I had just moved into. After two days of's getting better.

Finding my way around Lubbock and realizing it's not as awful as one might think before ever visiting. It's not Austin, but it's not bad.

Realizing today that life goes on without you. What? The world doesn't revolve around me?! I had no idea.

Loving that the dogs have so much fun in their new backyard. They pop up in front of kitchen window just to say hello!

My really nice, but really 'country' neighbors giving me a ton of free flowers. How did they know I was going to attempt to install flower beds next weekend? What great timing.

Thinking of Kate and wondering why she hasn't called yet! Wink Wink'' : )

Met Tony and Allison for dinner (the only two people I know in Lubbock).

Noticing how genuinely friendly everyone is here. I have to check myself and make sure I'm not being rude in public. It's almost like a common understanding with the the general public, that you WILL be kind at all times. I love that. If I need a pick-me-up...I just need to go somewhere with people.

Sucky...I make $8,000 dollars less per year. Really sucky.

Seeing a jackrabbit. They are huge!

Seeing a 'real cowboy' in restaurant. Men don't where cowboy hats much in Austin.

Noticing the first tumble weed in the back yard. How did it get there? And it's huge!

Feeling loved by family. It's amazing how they truly come through for you. Tyler's family helped this pass weekend with painting and unpacking. Could not have done it without them.
My parents are coming this weekend to help with yard work. This house is not pretty, but it's coming together.

The dogs have been so well behaved. They even waited in the car with Taryn during my interview (the one I was late too). That ended up being 6 total hours in the car that day.

Went to Tyler's white coat ceremony Friday night. I finally sunk in that he will be a doctor! They give them these short white jackets that make the students look more like dentists.

Went to a scrub party. Talked with the wife of a former med student. She said 'it's not that bad'. I have hopes that I will see my husband again.
Went to Abuelos for mexican food. It was alright. Can't beat Austin Tex-Mex!

Loving that my house has a radio/intercom throughout the house. Music blaring in all the rooms!

Getting used to the wood trim from the 80's that is ALL over the house.

Watching for evidence of rats (Jennifer, I will forever be scarred).

The toilet gets fixed! It used to sway from side to side when you sit on it.

Got a new laptop!

Spent almost two weeks straight with my mother in law. She's amazing and sooo helpful.

Liking that the grass is green in Lubbock and not brown.

Loving that the temperature is pleasant enough to sit outside and not drown in sweat.

Liking that there is NO humidity.

Got a brita filter for the faucet because according to the lady at the store "You DON"T drink the water in Wolfforth. I'm in Lubbock, but it still tastes nasty.

Liking that I get to shop at United Supermarket. I worked at one in Wichita for three years in highschool. They still carry out your bags for you. We met a nice man yesterday who took out our groceries. (Tyler thinks that we are capable and healthy people who can carry out our own groceries...I say, let 'em do it. It's tradition!

Oh how can I forget the chilli pepper wallpaper in the kitchen. That came down right away.

And the giant Mormon compound behind our house. Can see the statue of Gabriel a mile away. That's how I know where I live.

Touring the Tech campus. It was really pretty and the leisure pool is awesome! I can join the gym there for much cheaper than a public gym. AND they have classes.

I'll attach pictures once the house is nice and cozy. Oh, we painted the entry way to the house and the laundry room burnt orange. Gotta represent.