Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School Picnic

Tonight was the official Willow Bend Elem BOY (teacher term...learn it) picnic. I learned an important lesson that would have helped me out a lot last year as 'social person'. When you are new to a group/school/organization and you walk into a room full of people who know each other and you know NO ONE, it's way awkward. I hate being the new person. More importantly, I hate not knowing people. I immediately find the principal and she gives us the low down. Tyler and I are on our way to the dessert table to drop off the burnt cookies I had made. As I'm putting the cookies down, the superintendent, Dr. Vroonland, wants to shake my hand. So I half drop the cookies and half reach for his hand. He says, "Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to all the teachers." I say, "We've met". He says, "Liz from...Round Rock." I say "Wow, you remembered" He introduces himself to Tyler and asks, "What brings you to Lubbock?" Tyler proudly announces that he is going to med school. Dr. V says..."That's right, you went to UT". We are interrupted...the principal is making opening announcements, we bow our heads in prayer for the meal, yatta yatta. Prayer is over...the super says, "So it must be nice coming into an already exemplary campus." I say "Meh, I came from one too." Haha, not really. But I wanted to say that. I like that Dr. V is present and wants to get to know the teachers he works with. I'm sure he had much more important things to be doing. Mr. Feluchi was there too, maybe DR. Feluchi, IDK. He's the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Oh, the lesson...be more understanding of those who are new to a group of people. Make them feel welcomed and important, not like they are the step-child joining an already close family.

The faculty a WB (Willow Bend) have been awesome so far. I don't feel like a step-child to most of the people. There were a couple where I was like..."Hi! I'm Liz, the new first grade teacher." And they could care less. Most were like, "Welcome! We are so happy to have you."

They have social committee too!!!! You know what my next plan is! Yep, joining the committee and introducing them to....the dice game. The BOY picnic will never be the same.

Oh, did you see the part up there about the prayer part before the meal. I love that people pray before meals here. They did it at the new hire luncheon too. I REALLY love Austin, but I REALLY love that up here, church and prayer is still a part of......public life. You meet someone and where they go to church is a part of their introduction. Well, okay, maybe after a couple minutes of conversation. Now, I get that just because people GO to church doesn't mean a whole lot...but those of you from the bible belt know what I mean. It's not the church part per say, it's goes back to values. Tradition. It's refreshing.

Anyway, I'm off my soap box. The picnic was a success. Except the part where Tyler gave me a fat lip in front of everyone while ripping the label off a water bottle. Fine, add to the herps look I've got going on lately.

ANOTHER training tomorrow. I've unpacked all my boxes (at home and at school). This show is on the road.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad the picnic was a success! I hope you're settling in well; we miss you! And bible study is not the same without you.
    <3 Emily